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About Us

Few Words About Us

N Spire U Productions 
was formed by Kelcy Williams in August, 2005, 
formerly known as K Williams Productions. 

Kelcy was given a vision to provide events in the areas of Arts and Entertainment, to inspire, uplift and empower people from all walks of life, including stage plays, film, books, talent and skill ​development workshops,
and much more
.  Our focus also include helping youth, including at-risk children/low-to-moderate income families, find their God-given talent and skills 
to help keep them out of the streets.

Kelcy Williams

Founder and CEO/President

Kelcy is the Founder and CEO/President of N Spire U Productions.  Playwright, Director, Screenwriter, Book Author and more. Some of her work include stage plays, In the Midst of a Storm, Shackled Down, A Generation, What Would Jesus Do, Un-Shattered Dreams  and more.  She is also the writer and director of the short film, Outside That Door.  Kelcy has authored and self-published her first book, Un-Dying Love of a Mother (The Odessie Williams Story), an amazing and intriguing biography about her mother life and legacy.  She also authored the book, The Shackles of Love, based on her stage play, Shackled Down. All  stories Kelcy write are inspired by the Holy Spirit and real life situations.  She has been writing, inspiring and creating stories for over 18 years, and will continue to do so as the Lord leads her.  She is the Founder of the Talent and Skill Development Camp for Youth, which was created to help youth discover, nurture and develop their God-given gift/talent.

Lurenda Williams Shelby

Vice President & Community Relations Manager

Lurenda has been working with N Spire U Productions, and her sister Kelcy since the inception of over 18 years. She serves as the Community Relations Manager, Production Manager, Assistant Director for performances, House Manager and more. Lurenda has assisted Kelcy in developing and editing stories, consulting on set design, music ensemble, cast, events and much more.  Lurenda is a Contributing Author for the book, "UnDying Love of a Mother, the Odessie Williams Story," as well as an Editor.  She is also the editor of the book, The Shackles of Love  by Kelcy Williams. Lurenda is also one of Organizers and Manager of the annual Talent and Skill Development Camp for Youth.

Stage Performances - Our Production Team


Kelcy Williams, Director and Playwright

Lurenda Williams Shelby-Production Manager
Nate Bell-Set Coordinator
Pat Hill-Stage Manager